Tuesday, March 07, 2006

please don't analyse this dream

I was an up-and-coming comedian in an outback hotel in the 1970s - white plaster walls with yellow sunlight, all the men in yakka clothes, from the outside it probably looked Russell Drysdale-ish. I wanted to make a good impression with my wry ocker humour, but I had very thin hair and had been bitten by something on my scalp very visibly from the front. I had been writing with red ink and the ink had got on my fingers and made a small repetitive mark on my scalp when I gingerly rubbed my bite. If I had been able to find a sink to wash it off, I could have and no-one would have known.

Sources of dream elements:

1. Seeing Oz the Rock and Roll Road Movie again just over a week ago the part where Dorothy goes to the fashion boutique run by the Fairy, I thought 'that looks like a pub in a Russell Drysdale painting
2. A few days ago reading Jon Stratton's Race Days he discusses the Barry McKenzie films
3. I was writing with a red pen just before I went to sleep
4. I was thinking yesterday, I'd love to go back to the Yakka seconds shop
5. Mia pointed out last night there was a white tail in the laundry.


boy said...

Sounds like you knocked em dead, kid!

David said...

I assume the actual performance is tonight.

Annabel said...

What was the white tail? did it belong to a mouse or a fancy dress costume?

Ted from Detroit said...

Or perhaps a deer, with an impressive rack, resplendent in the moonlight.

David said...

a white tail spider you dummies