Thursday, November 13, 2008

more overheard

Yesterday outside my office: 'Dude, that smells like asparagus... juice!'
Later: 'So, do you drink a lot of asparagus juice?'

This morning on the tram which has stopped at a tram stop, woman on her mobile: 'Hi I'm on the tram which has just stopped, I don't know why.' Shortly afterwards, she said 'I'm at Grattan street, can I walk there from here?' only she pronounced Grattan as (au) gratin, when it should be pronounced like, you know, Michelle Grattan. I could possibly have forgiven this second loud pronouncement only the girl sitting facing me was rolling her eyes and silently laughing and I felt I had to conspiratorially empathise commuter-listening-in-to-dumb-phone-conversation-to-commuter-listening-in-to-dumb-phone-conversation. So I condemned the woman on the phone.


Ann O'Dyne said...

maybe the gratin girl was merely a New Zillander?

and ...

miriam makeba and mitch mitchell...
posted by David at Lorraine Crescent - 1 day ago
If I were Mick Molloy or Malcolm McDowell, I'd be very worried. Not because I'd be scared of dying, though, it'd just be worrying. Marky Mark and Missy Miggins should also be fearful.

WHAT happened? that was gonna be good and when I followed the link it had been disappeared.
the Eminem guy is an MM too.
Marilyn has already gone of course.
Marlee Matlin?
Monica Maugham.

David said...

I disappeared it because I could, Ann, and felt as though I was crowing over someone's misfortune (unless they've gone to A Better Place, even so, it seems like crowing). Mark Mitchell, Mary Martin, Mindy Map, Mrs. Mangel, Marty Moon, Moon Martin, Mridget Mardot, Mary Magdalene, Mark Monnone and for an extra point, Mary Mungo and Midge.

Bwca said...

and Marilyn Manson.