Thursday, November 13, 2008

coles greenvale

2008, a space odyssey. Nicole told me she loved Coles Greenvale with its makeover and its cheap watermelon. I didn't quite realise how much she loved it because when I went there about an hour later (I'm so suggestible) she was damn there, buying purple onions. Not kidding. It does have some cheapesque things (though this might be relative) but I have to say, really bad music. As we know, Coles Broady will play some gems including 'Big City Talk' which I could hear fifty times a day and in fact, if someone called me and said 'hey they're playing "Big City Talk" at Coles fucken Broady again!' I would just go up there* and buy, you know, apricot delights so I could hear it on the PA. But Coles Greenvale plays this kind of 21st century so-called R n B which I only know is new music because I don't recognise it and it's about things that don't interest me like hot guys. So I guess that's Greenvale. Between us and G'vale there is a housing estate called New Horizons (when I say housing estate, I mean lifestyle option). I really want to check it out because it looks tremendously hot tub/ conversation pit.

*I wouldn't even say, 'who's this calling, please?'

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tony said...

At Coles Northcote they always play Belinda Carlisle's "I'm in too deep". We heard it again today. I've also heard it at Bunnings.