Thursday, November 20, 2008

bulk mint progress

These are pixs I took while walking to the station a few days ago, of the new developments. One is the notice of application for a planning permit for some townhouses adjoining the shopping centre. Good idea, I say, though I would rather live in an iron maiden than a townhouse, myself. It will be good for the shops and overall will create an ambience not entirely unlike the short-lived police/soap soap, Above the Law. Remember that? In which various yuppies lived in an apartment complex which had a police station at the ground floor. Also, it will be not unlike Number 96 with a dash of Richmond Hill. Cool. In the middle, the uberrenovation to which I may have alluded previously, whereby an entirely new house has been stuck on the front of an old house in a somewhat incredible display. Congratulations! The last is the vacant lot where one of the oldest houses in the area stood until it burnt down about five or six months ago. I met a man in the street last year who claimed to be the owner of this house and also claimed that no-one had lived in it since the 1960s and also that you need three things in this life, friends money and a third thing which I suppose you don't need me to boldly hit you in the eye with, a word beginning with c and ending in t and aren't I coy. He wasn't though. I am not sure how those three things would all have worked synchronously to get him what he wanted, which was I think not the house tenanted, but planning permission to build units. Since the house burnt down, nothing more has happened to the block, unless you are a piece of vegetation, in which case, it has been great news for vegetation.

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