Friday, October 10, 2008

yeah i did go to adelaide

I have not much more to say on that topic, having for some reason eschewed the conventional route of whingeing en blogue for the unusual outlet of whingeing to Mia about the extraordinarily slow anal retentive form-filling and jobsworthness of the State Library of SA employees (not all of them mind you just most) and the truly A P P A L L I N G photocopiers they have in that joint. Oh, and I also had complaints regarding the Chifley Hotel South Terrace but let it go, let it go. But I did get a lot of good material for my work purposes including extensive reportage of the work achieved by architect Chris Smith on the Moonta Town Hall, and I enjoyed being in Adelaide for a short time, though I definitely prefer regional SA. The next State History conference in SA is on the Yorke Peninsula - I am so there.

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Make mine Mogadon said...

Those librarians were just being thurrow.