Sunday, December 30, 2007

hobart dream

I dreamt we were moving to Hobart in three weeks' time. I suggested to Mia it would be hard to maintain a North Hobart lifestyle in South Hobart but this is what we would attempt to do. I had already been to Hobart to register us as electricity users and we had been each given a bonus piece of bread which was to be our first toast made in Hobart. The bread slices were tucked into the back of a folder which contained all the periphery of moving. I said 'let's move everything', indicating the furniture in our bedroom which was actually my bedroom 1973-1983, and she said 'of course'. I realised then this would be a big move, and no going back.

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Sophie said...

I dreamt I moved to New Zealand the other night. Partly because it was cooler there.