Sunday, December 30, 2007

ode to 2007

Hey 2007
you were a pretty good year
a pretty good year
a pretty good year
if I forget the terrible things that happened
and concentrate only on the pretty good bits
you were a pretty good year
unassuming, sensible,
(terrible bits notwithstanding)
I was in the main impressed
and would have liked to see you extend your tenure
jus' a li'l longer
2008 will be grim and false, with poisonous spikes, like the VW in The Cars that Ate Paris
Many will perish, and those that remain will think back fondly to a more innocent time, f'rinstance, 2007


Kirsty said...

If I'd still been drinking my coffee it would've snorted out of my nose. I think I see how you got that 'genius' reading level blog rating.

bls said...

2008 better be a better year, damnit!