Thursday, December 27, 2007


A few days before christmas we were in JBs and lucked on the Roseanne DVDs. I'd just been thinking about it a bit lately, and something in my mind let me know that it was season 5 I particularly liked, so we got that, and it's been fantastic. What a groundbreaking show. It even broke ground in little ways I never thought of, like when Roseanne says 'what part of shut up don't you understand?' and it gets a big laugh. But also with the gay/domestic violence/etc etc subject matter. I guess the big dichotomy with Roseanne is that for supposed white trash (I cannot tell you how much I despise that term, but I'm using it with 'supposed' so it's 'supposedly OK') they are extremely liberal in the Conner family. I suppose that connects with my liberal fantasies about honest and noble poor people. Of course knowing that doesn't stop me loving the show.

Now I'm bothered that I got rid of myspace because Roseanne is on myspace!!! (And so are the Numbers - another current obsession of mine! Check out the video for Big Beat with Polly Newham and John Bliss in it!)

Warning: contains a kind of spoiler re: new Cohen brothers film.

Last night we went to see No country for old men. Shane and I had pretty much the same response to Tommy Lee Jones' final monologue: we zoned out waiting for the film to go on. Then it ended. I'd go and see it a second time, but I know I'd just zone out all over again.


Wayne's Tony said...

I like the Roseanne season where she's working at the dept store restaurant with Leon..."and I want to be Liza Minelli but we can't always have what we want"

David said...

I liked that too Tony. When Dan was playing poker (?) with the guys in this season I was put in mind of the time when Leon was playing with them, and they were talking about how they were all cool that he was gay, and one of them said something like, 'I knew a guy in Chicago. called Dave. He was gay' and Leon said 'Oh yeah, gay Dave from Chicago.' Very funny.

Ginger said...

That exact same thing happened to me at No Country for Old Men. I loved it but.