Sunday, December 09, 2007

under pressure

I admit I am under some pressure, this is probably why at the Pony on Friday night I was even more cheerful than ever, until I cracked on the subject of one insignificant individual who has been getting my goat very significantly in '07 and about whom I even used the c word. I apologise to those who had to witness that and who were clearly affronted. I suppose I was a bit like the woman in that Cars film clip, the deranged one. I daresay my mood swings have something to do with christmas.


boy moritz said...

Not that the self-titled Red Krayola album is less than good or anything, just that I think Hazel is a smoother introduction into their 90s sound, particularly if you were, like me, making the leap from 1967 to 94 or whatever year the self-titled one came out (sorry it's been tormenting me all weekend)

David said...

I would say Mayo T had been sitting on a lot of that self-titled album material for a while. A lot of the lyrics appear in the book he published in the late 1980s which i had to travel to LA to get a copy of