Thursday, December 27, 2007

from my diary, 27 Jan 1998

Went to see Will Oldham on Saturday it was really hot in there, there was a thunderstorm going on out in the street. That followed on from four hours or so at the Builders' Arms for Ellen's 24th birthday. We gave her the Kinks' greatest hits. I have to see B--- L--- in two days and get over this fucking literature survey hurdle. Or my thesis is screwed. Just spoke to G-- on the phone. J--- F--- died on Friday. He was just talking and fell unconscious. I read about it in the paper on Saturday. Having left a message on Friday night dithering about how we couldn't record on Sunday...

Looked after Alice for a hour and a bit last week. She told me silly people had spiders' webs for wallpaper 'and spiders for their toys'. Tamsin said Alice has a lot to say about silly people.


Ben.H said...

Was this at The Corner? A friend of mine dragged me along to that gig. I mostly remember it being full of creepy fanboys silently mouthing the lyrics. I hope you didn't have a bike chained up outside, which got hopelessly munted through the best intentions.

poplod! (thank you, word verification)

David said...

It probably was at the Corner, Ben, at least, I do remember seeing WO at the Corner at least once, though I am pretty sure I've also seen him at the Punters. Diaries! They raise more questions than they answer.