Tuesday, May 01, 2007

great train art

I'd like to see this again and examine it in more detail.


because she made me said...

That's a great one. Which Olympics do reckon it is? It looks like the Rialto still reigns...

On the topic (kind of): hooray!

(I must admit I have been wondering lately, am I wowser for objecting to the renaming of the station - what would David reckon?)

David said...

The picture itself didn't look that old, though the form of it has a fifties feel to me. I also wonder how big the original was.

Re: Spencer St/ Southern Cross. I am more interested than offended, while appreciating it's an ancient name and we could have done with a little more public consultation.

Apologies to all Spencers but when I was young my father told me about a character from the Mo radio show called Spencer the garbage man. I have always since then associated the name Spencer with garbage. Sounds weird but it's true.