Tuesday, May 22, 2007

genius finds its own level

Here is my playlist for two to the valley last Sunday. The selection for the evening was compiled from records I had played on or otherwise had some input into

Broken bottles - The Cannanes
Treacle - Crabstick
Far away look - Andrew Withycombe
Tim Finn pts 1 and 2 - Blairmailer
Sad End - Huon
Stay Ready - The Go Team
Lullabye - Fog and Ocean
Highest Point - Huon
Middle Eastern Potentate - The Cannanes
Sit and think - Driving Past
Wyona - Blairmailer
Chia pet - The Cannanes
Getrappel - Huon
King of Hobart - The Legend!
Let's Go - Huon
White Ant - Grey Tapes
Singing to Satellites - The Cannanes
Bad Reception - Mia Schoen
Fax - Blairmailer
Complex - Huon
Eno Trap - Huon
Sunday - The Cannanes
Killer Pies - Huon
Travel - Driving Past

It was pretty Huon-heavy but that's just how I feel on Sunday night. It felt reallly weird playing all that stuff I'm not sure why I did it.

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