Thursday, May 03, 2007

sweet buns arrived

Yep, the korean dvd series i bought on Ebay (with help from Steve - thanks Steve) showed up in the mail yesterday. And it's a doozy, well, I've only watched one episode but I have enjoyed it greatly and even managed to translate one word (the word for 'bread') via my Korean-English dictionary, which incidentally is a pain in the arse because it transliterates all the Korean words into the roman alphabet, which is one alphabet I could really do without, but on the other hand I suppose in the immediate present that's a good thing because it forces me to learn the hangul letters.

And anyway it has rough English subtitles on it, which I knew it did, I really only wanted it so I could hear Korean being used and maybe figure out some street signs or whatever, I actually know absolutely NO Korean and of course it's virtually impossible for someone in their forties to learn another language particularly a notoriously difficult one like this but gee, live for the pain I say.

The DVD is not hassle free and in fact the second episode for some reason not only repeats a scene from the first but it seems compulsory to watch this episode with a dubbed chinese soundtrack, which wasn't my preference, and I can't seem to change it back to Korean.

The original Korean title is not, as it happens, Sweet Buns but Ring Shaped Bread. It seems to be a love triangle story so far, or a hate triangle perhaps, as it is two girls and a guy who went to school together, and the girls lovehate the guy, who they call Ring Shaped Bread, for reasons I am not going to go into here, or anywhere, ever.


Wayne said...

In the Village arcade (I assume it's still called that although the cinema has closed) in the city mid-way bewteen Swanston and Russell there's a great little shop that has heaps of Korean DVDs, most priced at around $10. Many have English subtitles (to help enhance the language-learning experience) - you might want to check it out. They also have some Japanese titles, I got the excellent "Swing Girls" there (about the schoolgirl big band).

David said...