Saturday, May 12, 2007

saturday night doo doo doo doo doo doodoo

Saturday night, as Elton John or the Rolling Stones or someone once said, is alright for babysittin', and that's what I'm presently up to, babysittin' Laurie, who is asleep, so there should be another name for it, because really (so far touch wood) it's just creeping around an empty house and, er, using the internet. Maybe making a cup of tea, you know. It's not like when I babysat my niece Olivia a few years ago, an experience I would choose never to repeat (though she's probably less scared of me now so maybe I would). The tears! Hers. Although apparently the next day she told her mother that she'd had a good time.

Later I will go to a party for Dion and Luke's birthdays, and not stay long, I'm guessing. For last night there was considerable partying afoot in honour of Olivia's 30th, and I drank brandy, which appears to have become de facto my new tipple, except I drink so rarely these days I probably am not allowed to claim a tipple. In fact the hotelier associations of Australia surely spit on my tipple.

Nothing much else happening around. Getting close to the end of the semester, Mia and I very busy, her band has scored a support on the tour of a seriously cool international act so that's grouse, and I'm planning various interstate trips, and tomorrow I'm even going to Kew, so that's a thrill. Might see you there.

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