Monday, May 14, 2007

this, too is also brilliance

Boy. I am going to overload my blog entirely with brilliance, it will collapse under its own weight like a black dwarf (a really fat one). What a truly superb video (and song). I felt bad putting up a Marcless Dragon, since he is unassailable, so here is a Marcful Dragon. In 1979 he called this song ‘Another piece of slop’. He's obviously completely out of it, even with the very skilled editing. Warning: don't watch a bunch of Kenneth Williams clips on YouTube and then watch this.


annabel said...

Marc's moves and clobber are rather stylish. And Todd sniffing Marc's armpit is fraternity himself.

Did you see that the video for are you old enough is now up there?

annabel said...

Oh and huggy bear is looking mighty fine on the keyboards.

David said...

Yes, I like the armpit sniff.