Sunday, April 29, 2007

april 27-28 debrief pt 3

So here are a few bits and pieces from what I got. The Red Onions album (top) was my most expensive purchase, $25 which didn't seem absurd and though I only played two or three tracks before Mia wanted to watch the news I think it was a good buy. Pretty sure that's Geoff from the Crayon Fields' dad in front of the washboard thar. Dave Warner's last album for Mushroom, Correct Weight, much better than I expected for what the $1 price tag suggested. Air Supply I am not yet sure about. The 3 Little Pigs record pretty much one of those artefacts that seems worth the 20c asked for its status as a curio. The cover claims it is a 'Sambo' record, the label that it is a 'Kiddidisc' product. It would appear that this release captures the company in transition. Early to mid 70s I would say. From NZ.


richard said...

hey i found that DWarner lp last year for a similar price. worth it alone for the refugee track.

David said...

That's right Richard. Also, with this and the Marty Rhone LP I got, I now have two more songs in my collection which include mention of Molly Meldrum.