Monday, May 14, 2007

any more brilliance anyone?

This is the amazing video Mia made which Rage rejected on numerous pathetic grounds, since when I have only watched about 30% of every instalment of Rage just to ensure myself that they are still losers. It is one of my favourites of Mia's songs. It really is incredible and I am so proud of her for being so talented, not that I believe one should be proud of someone else's achievements, really. But it feels like pride so I'll call it that.


boy moritz said...

On what freaking grounds did they totally dismiss this totally sick work of art

Team Thesaurus said...

All my favourite artists get rejected by Triple J / Rage etc. Hence I perceive rejection as a hallmark of quality.

Seriously, If you'd filmed the same video in New York it would have been accepted. Oh well. Totally disproves what I heard...years ago someone said that rage had a policy that they had to play your clip if you sent it in...obviously that was bullshit.

David said...

TT, point taken, though the other point is you couldn't film something of this calibre (well, at least of this content) in NY. Yes, I recall that inclusivity rule for Rage, presumably they dropped the rule after word got around and every fool on earth sent in their damn video. Availability of technology becomes the issue, I guess, at the mid-to-late 90s mark. The 'freaking grounds' were technically speaking, technical ones but obviously bogus.