Thursday, May 03, 2007

ray burgess' album not so pretty

I really like Ray Burgess' album Not so Pretty. That in itself is fine except I am starting to worry that perhaps I like everything except Meatloaf, and what happens when one day I start liking Meatloaf? But the Burgess album has a cracker of a Vanda/Young song on it, 'Love Fever' which is kind of glam rock which, had it been kept in a dark room a few more days, would have turned into Suicide, and the song 'Sad Rock 'n' Roll' which I remember at the time being absurdly hilariously bad, now sounds pretty great. Sure, his reading of 'Little Boy Sad' is just OK, but the rest of the tracks - most of them written by Gunther Gorman, I guess just after he had his little tenure in Sherbet, are fab. I hope that, if you're not familiar with it, that one day you get to hear Ray Burgess' album Not so Pretty.

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blood orange said...

...and so it came to pass that all that had been bad, became good...

A miracle.