Sunday, June 25, 2006

yahoo serious

At time of writing I am 9 exams from finishing all my exam marking. It certainly doesn’t get any easier. In a marking session I can knock over 5 or so in rapid succession, then it gets progressively more difficult as I go on, as they all say the same thing and it’s hard to concentrate on specific essays/ even on paragraphs, as they are all so repetitive. It’s like listening to twenty mixes of the same song and being asked to rate them.

Last night New Estate played along with Worlds End Press and Tugboat. It was a really good night at the Empress. I first asked Mia out at the Empress 9 years and 11 months ago. I have fond memories of the Empress for other reasons too – a lot of good times had there. It is a pretty good place overall.

Yesterday Mia and I went to look at a large 1950s building in the middle of the forest, once known as the North West Hospital. I figured out where it was in the Melways and we drove past it on Providence Road and saw a gate and a security guard, which seemed ridiculous, so we went into the adjoining park and walked across, we did not go past any signs or fences but once we had walked all the way around this remarkable – though it has to be said rather creepy – 1950s building we were stopped by security guards who made Mia delete all her pictures. Freaky. Annoying too. The picture above is from the National Trust site.

I wonder what happened to Yahoo Serious. I just watched a 1989 interview with him, when he was poised for success I suppose. He was an interesting filmmaker I think. I wonder how posterity will judge him. Some of the humour was pretty corny. Some of it was quite good. I think I was too old for it. I think he made three films. I wonder what he’s doing right now and if he’s still married to Lulu Pinkus, whose name I saw in another film from the 70s or early 80s recently though I cannot remember what it was. It might have been something that included one of the Reyne brothers’ naked bottoms. (Later: no, after checking IMDb I realise she played the part of 'Wendy' in Snapshot, the Sigrid Thornton 'thriller' we saw a few weeks ago. I don't actually remember the character of Wendy, but I suppose she was one of the cohabitants of the photographer's house. IMDb also tells me that this film was marketed in the USA as both The Day Before Halloween and The Night After Halloween although, as the sole reviewer notes, Halloween is not mentioned anywhere in the film. They also idiotically wonder whether they have pumpkins in Australia, another way of saying 'I'm ignorant, and it's someone else's fault for being potentially complex'.)


boy said...

The first time I ever saw the holy triumvirate of the Cannanes, Huon and Fog and Ocean was at The Empress. Although these shows were on separate occasions, each band back then used to serve baguettes to paid customers, this was at a time of lawlessness and rations were scarce. The bread empowered us all and allowed us to look ahead to a new day, which was rare.

DFV said...

Speaking of which..when is the next NE gig? I seem to recall a Minc webpage which listed them, but it no longer loads.