Tuesday, June 20, 2006


On more serious topics, commiserations to Kathryn and Deirdre who lost Adam last night. You may recall my report on him in April. Apparently he succumbed to his illnesses/old age. He had a very good life, and as they are well aware, as a hairless little mouse he was pretty definitely destined to be a snake's dinner before they rescued him a few years ago and gave him a mouse mansion, so in that sense, every one of his days was a blessing. This is the picture K. sent out with her announcement. The relevance of the pants and vest are unclear - at least that is what he seems to me to be thinking.

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K & D said...

Thank you for that lovely tribute to our amazing mouse. The clothes were a Christmas gift to Adam from my cousin. No, Adam never wore them - he didn't think the colour suited him. But he did eat the pine nuts.