Saturday, June 17, 2006

we LITERALLY went to town

We went to the big red book sale at the Trades Hall and I bought the following (nothing over $2) :

Ronald Frankenberg Communities in Britain: Social Life in Town and Country (Pelican 1966)
J C Horsfall The Liberal Era: A Political and Economic Analysis (Sun 1974, big picture of handsome young R G Menzies on the cover)
Arena #26 (1971) inc. John Docker 'James McAuley: the poetry and the attitude'
Michael Dransfield Drug Poems (Sun 1972)
Michael Liffman Power for the Poor: the Family Centre Project, an experiment in self-help Allen and Unwin 1978
Arena #23 (1969) inc. Demos Krouskos, 'Filthy Penguins'
Home Buying? Beware the Hidden Dangers! A B.W.I.U. ppublication No date
Eric Aarons, The Steel Octopus: the Story of BHP Current Book Distributors 1961 (which is where the picture above is from)
Bernie Taft, Inside Bolte's Utopia A Communist Publication 1964
R E Pahl Patterns of urban life Longmans Green 1970
Refractory Girl #8 March 1975 inc Paula Lake, 'Marion Mahoney [sic] Griffin: Architect'

I should write down everything I buy, I would probably buy a lot less stuff that way. Or I should just go to confession. Anyway, most of the above (anyway - petulant!) were for work. The only one that really wasn't was Drug Poems and I enjoy having Dransfield around the house though I can't say the poems there grab me hugely though I am sure they were very revolutionary at the time (everything seems to end with him thumbing his nose at convention by making some hardline junkie affirmation).

I also bought a couple of records, nothing to write home about:

Tactics compilation CD - already forgotten its name
Marc Hunter - Communication an album I've been looking for for a long time

And we bought some sheets and I bought some vegan desert boots, or rather put a down payment on some because they didn't have my size. So you see it was one of those spend the new paypacket days.

Oh and Mia bought a t-shirt and we bought Pip a dictaphone so he can record what seem to be rather offensive horny stories he is making up. Funnily enough Drug Poems is dedicated to Pip.


DFV said...

The Bones of Barry Harrison?

David said...

No! It's a relatively recent CD. Surely BOBH was never on CD? This is called The History of the Sky.

DFV said...

Ahhh...the Blue one. I only bought it myself 6 months ago - and love it.

Kerry Dale Hancock Jr said...

Death By Meth

today I have met my match
piece by piece I was broken down
now I am tormented by failure and wrath
and my will power is no where to be found

the wounds have forever scarred my soul
with the bitter taste of death
because everything I cherished most
fell victim to my addiction to meth

in complete ignorance I made the awful choice
to smoke that demonic pipe regardless of the voice

that so strongly told me not too
but I thought I had the power to overcome
realize once this drug has got you
a slave to misery is what you become

i write every word in agony
i am scared to sleep or rest
because then I must face reality
i chose death by doing meth

family has become memories
just pictures of my past
i am now my worst enemy
my reflection is broken glass

clouds shadow my every breath of life
i cannot find the words to describe
the aches and pains I endure inside
and all I can say is why

oh, how sad it really is
to watch a Godly man be destroyed
Lord have mercy on my kids
three beautiful girls and a handsome boy

to all that I love I leave you with this
please forgive me for my weakness
that real love I will always miss
I give you these words with a hug and a kiss

By: Kerry Dale Hancock Jr

I don't think I will ever forget the very night I wrote this poem. It was my fourth or fifth day being up without sleep. This was not out of the ordinary for me now it was my routine. Stay up for endless days then sleep then start over. Like other nights this was going to be the night I took my life and ended the horror I created. Right before I wrote this I was in a room with two other people and I was looking at before and after pictures on the Internet of people that have been on meth for awhile. I remember sitting in the chair in front of the computer crouched over the desk with a meth pipe in my hand taking hits. The other two people I was with wanted to inject meth from a needle so I left the room and sat in the next room. It was then on the recliner next to the front door that I wrote this poem and reflected on the demon called meth.

Every word in this poem had so much emotion behind it. I will explain a couple lines that some may not get at first. When I say "my reflection is broken glass" I am referring to another name for meth. Meth holds many names such as speed, glass, go fast and there is more. So what I am really saying is I have become meth. The next line is "clouds shadow my every breath of life." When you smoke meth it is called blowing clouds and when you are addicted to meth then all you do is snort, smoke, inject or eat meth. Sad but true. What this really means is all I do is smoke meth which means I was addicted.

I could write so much more but this is what I want you to know. If you are addicted to meth or know someone who is then never give up hope and I will tell you why. If you will just find a reason or help that person find a reason then the fight against addiction has started. Here is the trick to making it really easy to do. If you make Jesus Christ your reason one day at a time then I promise it will be a piece of cake. Do not think about being clean and drug free for a year or two or three. Only think about today if you want to make it anywhere. Let God give you His strength each day if you want guaranteed results. If you do it your way you may get somewhere but you will end up nowhere. Become an addict for Jesus so that when you do stumble you will just start over and get back on track doing what you were doing right just like the addict for meth will start their routine over and over.

Lord Jesus thank you for loving us all enough to deliver us from this demon called meth. Give us the wisdom and knowledge to surrender all and allow you to put us in peace and fulfilment in Christ. Lord I ask that you will give us mercy and grace against meth and all its evil doings. I know it is destroying men, woman, children and families across the world. May this distraction be cast aside so that our eyes will focus only on You Lord in the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN.

Glory to GOD,

Kerry Dale Hancock Jr
messenger in CHRIST

Mar 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.