Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Last night I declared to Mia (as I do periodically) that today was to be the start of a new regime. Of course (why of course?) I use this term with irony as it was something my mother would periodically say to us, 'OK kids, new regime'... we'd have to start doing the dishes in the morning or there was no eating in front of the television, or something (our house was a bit like Italy, the new regimes never lasted long, except there was less democracy). Anyway I DID manage to wake up at a reasonable hour and get to work also at a reasonable hour (though might I say Broadmeadows station didn't make things easy by continuing to broadcast the wrong train departure platforms/times on its new screen; although in a way it did make things easy, as I used common sense rather than take any notice of the screen). As yet I have managed to hold out against the overindulgence in coffee (cutting down, yes, it bores me as much as it bores you, the point of this post is not what the new regime is supposed to be but how it has already messed up) But what I DIDN'T think to do was check whether I had my laptop and I didn't. I know exactly where it is, too, and that's annoying. So I have to become creative in my pursuit of new efficiency, which is fine, I do have a lot of crappy things I can do without the laptop, but of course it serves not just as a way of taking notes 'in the field', but also a measure of where I'm already at, etc, so I'm going to have to tread carefully today so as not to repeat myself. Also, I'm wary of too much photocopying as it is so much a way of avoiding reading things you actually need to pay attention to.


boy said...

What happened to the post about the lead singer of the Cranberries' testicles?

annabel said...

Is this template for keeps? Or is a new template a day part of the new regimen, or a less radical manifestation of midlife crisis?

David said...

Nuthin's for keeps, or should that be keep's.