Monday, June 12, 2006

we went and saw the neil young film

We went and saw the Neil Young film. As Mia suggested, no-one really needed to see up Neil Young's nose, but we all did (all did see up there, I mean). It was at the Nova and they started showing us the wrong film then when they fixed it we had to sit through the ads (sorry, previews) again. The film was OK but I had expected a little more backstage, or something, and everyone was really old, including everyone in the cinema, and including of course me. I suppose that's what the world's like these days. Old.

Brad came with us and afterwards we went and had a coffee (I had a short macchiato - you read it here first) and Brad told us he didn't think the Buffalo Springfield box set was that all that good.


G Roy said...

I agree with Brad on this one. I got the Buffolo Sprinfield box out of the library & thought it was shit. Absolute sixties hippy tosh.

David said...

Yeah but Brad LOVES Buffalo Springfield. So if you think that about them you have to disagree with him.