Wednesday, June 28, 2006

workers united will never be defeated

Big protest march in the city against the foul, corrupt Howard government and its ludicrous unproductive divisive stupid IR laws.

I was late and got there around a quarter to ten, but in fact I was not late as apparently it started at 10. There was time to explore the new cafe at the SLV, Cafe Tulk or Tulk Cafe or something similar. I made sure that Tulk didn't stand for 'The Universal Lair of Klansmen' by asking who or what Tulk was and apparently he was the first SLV librarian and the cafe is in the Tulk building. I seem to recall the SLV once had a cafe decades ago, back when that part of the building also displayed the sailors unrolling the banner from Coles Book Arcade (where are those sailors now?) (Here). Now they have another.

So then I saw my brother Michael and I got a purple NTEU flag and a purple NTEU balloon and a bigger placard, and eventually we went walking, and we ran into Amanda Kerley, whose best friend Michael apparently sits next to at RMIT, and then we saw Colin, Claire, Simon, Col, Anthony, Patrick, Monica... I'm sure there was someone else but I can't presently remember... I am pretty sure I saw Pete from Sodastream from a distance... and we saw Wayne's Tony... I think that was it... oh, we also saw Barry Jones. It was an inspiring and rousing morning, especially as we were very close to a large chinese drum which was being beaten mercilessly at any and every oppportunity. I really think that there is quite a good chance that the workers united will never be defeated.


wayne's tony said...

Was fun wasn't it. Like going to the show, going back on the train with your badge and your flag and stuff and checking what other people had. Unfortunately my balloon blew away.

David said...

And I believe you got chocolate.