Sunday, June 18, 2006


What would be the most interesting theme when I fill in for Alison tomorrow night on 3CR? I am vacillating between:

boys and girls
the sea


cos said...

the sea!

Ambre Solaire said...

Heat, definitely. Down to 1 degree this morning, and -0.4 yesterday morning in Perth. (But then, 20 or 21 degrees during the day, so who's complaining?) OK, the sea then. A good opportunity to dig out some old Tracey Thorn - A Distant Shore and Plain Sailing.

David said...

Youse guys read my mind. I am doing the sea. Yes, Tracy Thorn has been trotted out, with exactly those two songs in mind (although as much as I love 'Plain Sailing' I don't think it's really about sailing, so...) I also have tracks from the following selected:

Mark Eitzel
Ariel Pink
The Bedridden
The Dirty Three
Yo La Tengo
Essential Logic
Donna Summer
Air Miami
Via Tania
Penny Ikinger
Dave Graney
Fred Neil (guess...)
XL Capris
Silver Jews
Walker Brothers
James Reyne
Happy Lonesome

etc. Not that I'll have time to play them all of course.

cos said...

fabbo! looking forward to hearing it (time-shifted, of course. i hafta get up at 6).

ambre solaire said...

Plain Sailing's ok - the sea as metaphor for our daily life. I wrote a verse of A Distant Shore on a toilet wall in the basement of the Melbourne University Union once. Someone wrote back that it was beautiful. I wrote back where it was from. Sort of like early blogging really.

David said...


DFV said...

When is this show - not the 11pm punk show is it? and how good is that little time-shifting device Andrew? Maybe I might get one.

That's an eclectic list alright.

David said...

Two to the Valley Sunday nights 3CR. It's really good.

As it happened I didn't get to play half of what I wanted... there just wasn't time. Who ever thought up the idea of a 90 minute radio show? It's like you start eating and they take your plate away.

David said...

Playlist was

Khamis El Fino - Music for Classical Oud #1
Donna Summer - The Deep
Via Tania - In the Deep
Marine Girls - 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea
Fred Neil - Dolphins
1910 Fruit Gum Co - The Story of Flipper
Tactics - Blue and White Future Whale
Fielding and Dyer - The Whale
Mark Eitzel - Sun Smog Seahorse
Mark Eitzel - Wild Sea
Mark Eitzel - To the Sea
David Thomas - Rhapsody in Pink
Versus - Mermaid Legs
Robert Wyatt - Sea Song
Yo La Tengo - the Whole of the Law
Todd Rundgren - The Viking Song
New Estate - On the Bay
Tracy Thorn - Seascape

Wayne said...

How about Camino Del Sol by Antena. Damn, too late...

ambre solaire said...

Show sounds great. Eitzel obviously had your intentions sussed...