Monday, February 20, 2006

solid weekend

Pics are of Olivia's flat - soon to be no more - and a live shot of Batrider at the Pop shop in the style of Anton Corbijn except that Anton Corbijn only takes live shots of Depeche Mode and when he does it you can see people in them.

Saturday afternoon began with a small pre-soiree at Olivia's aforementioned stubbie out of the six pack, which is about to be reconditioned into I think a car park for larger, probably uglier flats in boutique Fitzroy. She is moving out on Friday and moving in with a stud. Mia suggested to me that we go to 'Olivia's farewell' and all kinds of horror images flashed through my mind, including (1) my niece (2) the Olivia pictured above (3) the singer out of the Love Moods. Turns out it was (2) but she was not being farewelled but in fact... OK, you understand. After this event we all piled onto a tram heading towards the Popshop to see Batrider. I greatly enjoyed their show. There is no substitute for a fabulous drummer who can handle both very simple and complex rhythms but deliver them with great sophistication and in a unique style. The rest of the band are really great too. One highlight was when they danced to themselves.

Afterwards Mia and I went to the Oriental cafe and I had singapore noodle. Then we walked to north Fitzroy, where we'd parked the car, and drove home. The next day (Sunday) we went into town to two exhibitions (three actually but one was closed) and saw Brokeback Mountain. While I was in Wellington I had noted with amusement that various New Zealanders had been asked to summarise/review this movie for one of the newspapers (forget which) and they had all identified portions of it which went too long, or perhaps 'went on a bit' or something similar. I found this funny but then when I saw the film I kind of knew what it was all about. I liked the period element and there was some grand acting but I did have enough 'space' in the film to figure out anagrams of the main characters' names

Ennis Del Mar = Lamed Sinner
Jack Twist = Jaw tit sack

Sorry about those but I have to say the truth.


Anonymous said...

Nup, can't pay the second one: too many As in "Jaw tit sack".

David said...

Well I didn't have my torch and notepad. How about Jack W. S. Tit?