Friday, February 03, 2006


Last night as I was trying to sleep (having fallen asleep already during The Family Guy, but it's OK, I got it on tape) I felt like I was tripping, a little, because I kept seeing all these crazy cartoon images before my eyes which were closed. Mia and I discussed what I had eaten during the day (not that much) but could settle on nothing in particular that might have been responsible for my hallucination. Anyway I am surprised that this thing, located in the Brisbane Courier yesterday, didn't give me nightmares. I captured it like one might a toxic demon in a bottle so I control it and it doesn't control me. I have tried to get Picasa to work so I could put it on the profile as a picture of me, tee hee, but it's one of those many hundreds of programs I quite frankly can't get to work.

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Wayne said...

It's like vintage Chucky.