Monday, February 27, 2006

b l ic m ort co

The facelift of the western end of Flinders St is hastening, and it's like the flyover was never there. I saw a billboard advertising a fairly ghastly looking (in my opinion) building on the south-west corner but I think there should be something there. I believe that this was once the site of the fish market. A view of the rail bridge is not particularly necessary.

I very much like the Baltic Imports building though, I suppose a last vestige of the Flinders St - Fish connection. I wonder if it is saveable. It's not a building, it's three, and they look Georgian.

Oh, I'm tired. I think I will have a drop of Rawson's Retreat.


Wayne said...
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Wayne said...

Great Melbourne signage too. Even/possibly better with some of the letters gone.