Thursday, January 12, 2017


Alright I did kind of fall off the wagon today for the same reasons roughly that it's going to be a challenge to stay on the wagon (whatever tf the wagon is) in March, April, May. I was asked to go on Radio National Overnight last night to talk about swimming pools (why not. I've cowritten a journal article about them and they were one of the things covered in the book I co-edited with Hannah Lewi). They wanted me in the studio at 4:20 am (btw I looked it up on google maps and it said it would take me 24 minutes to ride my bike there. I left 45 minutes before time and just made it. I don't think I'm that slow. Except I suppose I was) and I gave myself plenty of opportunity to get about 6 hours' sleep beforehand but sleep just did not come. I wasn't apprehensive of the radio or anything, I have absolutely no idea what the problem was, but there was one. I was wide awake. After a while I got up and did the dishes, even kind of emptied the fridge a bit (not like Dagwood, I just mean, tipped out some old fruit juice etc) on the assumption (this sometimes works) that I'm so fucking lazy that work makes me want to sleep. But no. So basically I did the show (it was such a hit that the 30-min spot, mainly talkback, I was on was extended to 60 mins) on no sleep. But wait there's more. I had to take Butterball to the vet at 9:20 for his cortisone injection (#2). I did doze for an hour between about 6:30 and 7:30 but essentially STILL as I write this (9:10 pm) I have only had one hour's sleep since yesterday morning. I did alright all things considered, but you have to keep your stamina up in that kind of situation with a lot of carbs and fluids. Fucked. Tomorrow will be different.

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