Saturday, January 07, 2017


Well I haven't fallen off the wagon but I guess I will have to consider next steps, as the last few days have been a bit scattered. I'll figure it out. I had people over for dinner on Thursday which meant cooking a lot of the day which meant checking that things were OK which meant that I kind of ate throughout the day. Then yesterday ended in a bit of a chip and dip frenzy... I think that overall I still didn't eat much more than a main meal's worth on either days but spreading it out through the day is not the best way to do it, seemingly.
This is more like notes to self frankly. As I said before, it's everyone's obsession anyway isn't it.
Today is going to be obscenely hot and I am not going out once, if I can help it at all. I have a big thesis draft to read and some documents to draft, so I think I'll be fine just wasting the day away on not-wasting-anything (maybe I'll get to the end of season 3 of The Good Wife too, who knows).

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