Friday, June 05, 2009


Well I was in Brotherhood Bazaar and I saw the Rod Hull and Emu Gift Book and flicking through it I saw a comic strip in which Rod climbs up a drainpipe to break into his own house rather than wake Emu to let him in after he accidentally got locked out and I thought how rippingly funny since Rod Hull notoriously died in 1999 from horrific head and chest injuries after falling off the roof of his own house trying to adjust his tv aerial, and so naturally I took an out-of-focus picture of it with my phone and put it here just to show I am an insensitive, nerdy prat. See you later!

* PS just imagine, though, this was an actual career highlight for both these men:

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Jim Betts said...

Had Nostradamus included this cartoon in his writings, he would rightly be regarded as a prophet.