Wednesday, June 03, 2009

i do know how i feel about the old dragon

Almost - let's say often - the most brilliant group on earth in the 1970s. I love all 70s incarnations from first to last. I felt so privileged (not proud) to be asked to write the sleevenotes to the reissue of Universal Radio (see this) and the second one, Scented Gardens for the Blind, both smashingly fine albums. You will love them when you hear them, Dan. I mean just look at that group pic (look at Marc's eyes - he's looking at you). In my sleevenotes I quote Ray Goodwin saying that the early seventies were a time when ‘you were pretty free to make up your own show. It was refreshing, the energy – very post-acid. The whole lifestyle we had then was a combination of all those Jack Kerouac and Henry Miller books mixed up into a bad brew’ and that ‘it was like Life a user’s manual, every room had a lifestyle world period going on, and it was incredible mixture of people.’ They lived on stewed lemons and, I guess, drugs, most of them anyway. Auckland 1973-4. I wonder if it'll be as exciting when I'm there next month?

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