Monday, June 29, 2009

9/11-style Judy dream

A dream involving double-decker buses, a deceased dog, conflagration enacted by terrorists and my friend Greg Wadley: I was on a bus going to work (only work was at the University of Sydney, which is actually where I did my undergraduate degree). I was there with Greg and Judy, the notoriously ill-tempered and unmanageable silky terrier. We were accidentally going the wrong way - away from the University - but did not care about this, particularly when we saw, on the horizon, it erupt into a ball of flame, the result of a terrorist attack. However, in the confusion and furore the busdriver was required to drive in a random pattern through streets which were extremely crowded - with both cars and pedestrians - and which looked more like central London than anything else. One of Greg's kids (actually, neither of his kids, as this child was aged somewhere between Ellen and Tom, probably 12 or 13) got off the bus and said to me 'see ya Nicko' and I turned to Greg and said, 'so do they call you Wad-o?' to which the whole bus erupted in mirth (I guess people get a bit hysterical during terrorist attacks). The bus was going so slowly that I decided I would get off and walk Judy alongside it, leaving all my stuff (which included at least one important thing - a stool with a cloth cover on which I had written some notes on in pencil). We walked for a while and then of course lost the bus in the traffic, an inevitability which did not greatly concern me. We went past a small retail outlet - a stationer's or something - and the proprietor called out, 'Judy can you work a half-day for me on Wednesday?' and Judy indicated she would be happy to mind the shop for that period. I had not realised that Judy led this kind of life - a little like Sooty, I imagined, though with less mayhem.

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