Tuesday, June 16, 2009

late night dogs

Well Charlie woke me up completely rearranging the living room (ripping up a cardboard box as it transpired). I put her outside and she ran amok out there for a while (2.30 am). Then barked to be allowed back in. This woke Millie up who has decided she has some serious fidgetty shit to accomplish. Now Charlie is asleep again and Millie is going. It's only me that's awake. I am dreaming I am blogging, which is almost embarrassing.

I checked sitemeter again, always a relevation. Recent success stories here have been the stuff on Knockout from a few months back alongside the old hits of 'what relation is your cousin's child to you' and '1001 songs you must hear before you die'. I actually wrote some entries for the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, eg the entries on Godd's A Wizard, a True Star; ZZ Top's Tres Hombres; and the Bee Gees' Trafalgar. It took a real sublimation of the instincts to work for that book (though the editor was great to work with, a pro, and there were no lies told) because of course everyone has their favourite 1001 albums - why stop at 1001 - and I was railing all the way against non-inclusion of so many things I thought were so much better than so many other things, but luckily it wasn't my call. I would have produced a book without Sgt Pepper (that would have been in the book 1001 cultural artifacts you must avoid until you die, along with 2 1/2 Men, Macleod's Daughters, Star Wars, The Joshua Tree and London). I did feel privileged to write on Pere Ubu's Dub Housing which is in my opinion one of the top ten best albums ever made. There was nowhere near enough Australian stuff in there of course, probably Back in Friggin' Black and that's about it. Back in Black is such a chronically awful record - look, I know - its broad appeal, like that of internet porn, makes me despair for almost anyone.

I went to the doctor's tonight because I was worried I might have swine flu. Headaches, cough, fever. He said if I had had it, which I might have, it was mild and it has more or less passed. When I say I was worried, I was only worried I might be a carrier and/or that it was the beginning of something huge and horrid. So I felt fine. The headaches are the only really bothersome bit and can be managed. I did have to watch 2 1/2 Men in the waiting room. The upside of today aka yesterday: a student sent me an email saying of a course I taught this semester: 'Everything was fantastic. By far my favourite subject so far in my tertiary education' - god that's nice to hear! - and the redoubtable Clarkey, a woman much on my mind lately as I have been tramping the wilds of her former planet, Templestowe the last couple of weeks, texted me to say she was at a service station in Joondalup and saw someone wearing those silly converse I drew, and fell into a converse-ation with him, and he told her he loves them and so does everyone else he's ever met. OK, I'm being flippant. But I now know of 4 satisfied owners out of 4. So since the dogs are now asleep and power snoring, I am going back to bed. Night.

PS (I'm not writing this, I'm dreaming I'm writing it) actually a book called 1001 Cultural Artifacts You Must Avoid Until You Die would be a fantastic idea - the new Stuff White People Like I reckon - everyone would get enjoyably up in arms about the stuff that was dissed in there because they'd all know it - classic. If you decide to run with this idea, cut me some royalties please OK? OK.


Vauntin' Daddy said...

Thank goodness that there is sitemeter to assuage wee hour existential crises.

David said...

What relation is YOUR cousin's child to YOU?

Vauntin' Daddy said...

First cousin once removed.

Clarkey said...

Those Converse looked absolutely FAB, and really made the guy who was wearing them look (and apparently feel) like SOMEBODY. I am so proud to know you.

David said...

Hey maybe he was somebody already, I'll only take 60-70% of the credit. I'm certainly proud to know someone who's proud to know me (but please... thank you).