Thursday, June 04, 2009

charlie goes to diamond creek

Charlie was right into the idea of a trip to Diamond Creek. 'I hope to see a horse,' she said. First however we dropped into the excellent op shop opposite the station where I scored three (the only three 'real' ones from the 1960s) Walker Brothers albums in immaculate condition and - get this - mono. Also a belt.

We loved this park, with its tennis courts, toilet block, kindergarten, play equipment - everything except a park, really. It did have these extraneous steps. 'Reminds me of that extraneous gate', said Charlie (actually she said nothing of the sort. She wanted to use them! They're extraneous).

The above is not an uncommon kind of housing in Diamond Creek, large 50s weatherboard. Often they have verandahs as well. They're very nice, I don't know what they're like inside. They look great from the outside. Many of them quite run down, which is wrong. Hopefully a renovation (rather than a demolition/consolidation) program will burst forth. The below is a bit of an anomaly, but we liked it.

These magpies...

chased these galahs onto these wires. Seconds before these pictures were taken. Though I have to concede the pictures prove nothing.

We headed away from the main shops/houses - I guess south-east? Charlie took advantage of generous drinking water provision by a homeowner in a garden. Thanks.

Phipps Crescent undergoes an unusual change in personality at a certain point and becomes less a paved suburban road, more a rustic townish lane. Or crescent.

Suddenly, we were in the country.

'It's not time to make a change, just relax, take it easy...' so might one of these vans have been singing to the other.

Charlie suffered to have her photo taken yet again at what she assumed was a random point in the journey.

Suddenly she noticed we were not alone.

She was still barking five minutes later.

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