Sunday, June 21, 2009

great party last night

I went to one. I saw people around my age dancing interpretatively to Kate Bush and next day read about Generation Jones (a phenomenon(?)/ descriptor I had already encountered) which seemed to fit. The food was good too. Everyone was very nice.

Today I am tired though.

Would you believe the taxi driver was using his mobile on the freeway on the way home at 3:45 am. I asked him not to and he apologised. But seriously what did that idiot think he was doing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback. That Gen. J. thing was weirdly apt. Thanks to you and Mia for coming, and for brilliant present. (Hope this is blogosphere friendly - don't know rules.)


FJG said...

That taxi driver was probably trying to alert his colleagues not to pick up Hairy and I.

Anonymous said...

Hairy and me