Tuesday, May 19, 2009

what girls are saying near me lately

Very attractive girls (not my type, mind you) handing out vegan booklets on campus. I actually steeled myself to take one because I assumed it was right wing religious literature but I didn't want to deviate from my course. Anyway between the first attractive girl and the second I noticed that the literature was produced by Vegans from Queensland. I said to the second one, 'Why Queensland?' and she said: 'I... have no idea!'

A few hours later a tall young woman walking past me in conversation laugh-says while snapping her fingers to emphasise the weirdness of it, 'Completely Jewish theatre!'


youth is hot and bold said...

Why not Queensland? The things one utters to be noticed by the young and attractive. I think Rod Stewart had a very high success rate with "what's that in your basket?"

David said...

I tried that, youth is hot and bold, and imagine my surprise to find it was her full & heaving young bosom.

Anonymous said...

david that is inexcusabnle dork reply!
mia should dump you! she's a babe - you're not even chris marshall.
i am so cruel. i don't even understand your reply!!'is thtre problems on home front?
m,ia ia a stunner as is my babe kate
you becareful fucker.
lerve stephano
ps: i've given up tyrying to be interested in yaq mates younger groups. basicallky - they are shithpouse - modern equivilent of TASTE!
ˆI know more than you know -will invite ya to dinner soon - when not so mental.