Wednesday, May 13, 2009

they are still rhapsodising

...over Millie's recovery at the vet's. Today they were so pleased with how she's healing they wouldn't even take money for a check-up and a 7 1/2 hour stay, on the basis that they love having her there.
At present she is temporarily enjoying the thrill of not having a bucket (aka 'buster collar') on her head, as it means she can lick her front legs and bite her arse. I have to keep an eye on her because I know she's seconds and centimetres away from having a go at her damage. What she hopes to achieve I do not know. Presumably Mother Nature has an approach there.
(seconds later) She went there, so the bucket went back on.
Meanwhile what about me, it isn't fair. By mid-day I felt very ill, on the way home I believed I could smell vomit, though there was none (otherwise) apparent.


Marius G. said...

It's better to imagine the smell of vomit than fried onions.

David said...

Does imagining the smell of fried onions mean you have a brain tumour?

A.Bleach said...

well according to Dr Frank Reeves in a Matter of Life and
Death or it might just indicate the arrival of Marius Goring as the heavenly conductor.