Saturday, May 16, 2009

goin' up the brunswick street

The cost of deviating slightly on the way home from the city to drop in at Brunswick Street Bookstore, Grub St Books, and Polyester, all the while coming slowly and more strongly to believe that in the hopefully fading phase of your viral illness there was actually a meter you were supposed to put money into at the place you parked but you didn't notice it? - $45
The cost of realising that actually there was no meter? Well, priceless, but also you feel like you suddenly have a hundred dollars in free money, which is just a little deceptive.
I purchased a book about activism (for my day job) and the Mum Smokes album/s (for my private use).
Feeling much better today, though dehydrated and dizzy, which is problematic particularly when driving.

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