Tuesday, May 05, 2009

charlie goes to dallas

Yes, yes, I know, 'Charlie does Dallas' - well I'd prefer not to sexualise my poor six year old if that's OK, even if that's 42 - god, almost my age - in dog years. Charlie and I went for a two-hour walk to Dallas. We wish you'd been with us, as we love spending time with you, but fortunately we took some pictures along the way so you can vicariously experience it.

We set off wagging our tails on a fine-ish Saturday afternoon.

A house on the way to Dallas.

A house on the way to Dallas.

'I am enjoying looking at that house, it's fine.'

A house on the way to Dallas.

A house on the way to Dallas.

The rear of the Dallas shops. They are lively. There is a bookshop, a fruitshop, a really weird bottle shop. And two supermarkets, it's really quite good.

Birds washing in a puddle. Or you think up a caption.

'Quiet please, I am looking at birds washing in a puddle'.

This is a place called Break Point. Who knows what it is.

This is a nissen hut we saw. There are two at the school at Dallas north of the shopping centre.

Time to go home. 'That was tops master, all that remains is for me to crap on the nature strip and you to efficiently scoop it into a ripped-open cigarette packet and carry it for blocks and blocks!'

(And by the way: Just wanted to make sure you noticed on the front page of The Age on the weekend that our area was one of the very few that went up in value over the last year - by conservative estimate Chez Lorraine has appreciated at a rate of about 12 000 a year since we bought it five years ago and unlike most homes in Melbourne has not reduced its value under the GFC.)


boy moritz said...

There's a new Sandra Bullock movie out.

Hyacinth Proudhon said...

Property is theft and skiting about its value is just plain


David said...

I guess I would rather be a thieving property owner than being thieved from one. Is there a middle ground? Skiting about the value of one's property is vulgar but having been the subject of much vulgar skiting from others about the lack of value of my property naturally makes it difficult to resist a big fuck you to my skitees.

Nanny Bairnsdale said...

Two wrongs do not make a right.

David said...

Nanny Bairnsdale indeed. Who's this, the ghost of Hal Porter?

Nanny Bairnsdale said...

Curious you should mention Mr Porter. I was Matron at Hutchins School when he was English master and sniped away until he was dismissed. Two wrongs don't make a right I told the Headmaster...

Nanny Bairnsdale is scripted by Alan Bennett

David said...

And another house in our street went for 150% of what we paid for ours, on the weekend.