Saturday, May 16, 2009

pete campbell

Been watching a bit of Mad Men in my illness. Have to say how much I enjoy Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell (and the writing of the Campbell character). Such a perfect combination of arrogance and smarminess, a kind of Eddie Haskell I suppose but not a type of character you see a lot of on television. Kartheiser is brilliant because he always looks like he has six different thoughts running through his mind as well as what he's going to say next - and none of them are at all pleasant.

I was surprised when looking through YouTube for any classic Pete Campbell moments that there was a lot of Pete-Peggy fantasy stuff. Why anyone would be interested in the union of these two is beyond me. He is so delightfully vile. I suppose she is, too, in a way but less so.


lucy tartan said...

We're watching MM too, quite slowly - and rather to my surprise I'm liking it a lot. The writing & acting seems to me pretty uniformly excellent, although the flashbacks to the 30s are cheese, & the Village girl bores me. I sort of doubt it's got much of a plot. Also how can whatever revelations about Don Draper are in store possibly live up to the air of mystery they've woven around him?

David said...

Yeah if you're looking for relevations exactly you're not going to get much joy, but more important is the fact that he can be secretive and recreate himself.