Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the sixth or seventh huon album

Until about five or six years ago Mia and I, with Andrew and Ellen, played in a band called Huon. Tonight Mia and I mastered what is quite likely to be the last Huon album (the sixth or the seventh? I can't remember) for a vinyl/iTunes release. Mia had really done a lot of work on the record - she added all this extra instrumentation, etc over time so even though the tracks were recorded in 2002 or so, it would be wrong to say it was recorded then. There are a lot of great songs of Mia's particularly on there, including one called 'Falling' which I think is one of her best ever (though they are all grand of course). Also Ellen's well-known classic 'Paula' and a great tune of Andrew's known as 'Old Tree'. It was a great privilege to work with them and I think we did a lot of really good work. The vinyl will be an edition of a hundred, and the iTunes limited to four billion. Also Mia mastered her birdsong record which is another long-time-in-the-making epic which will turn a lot of heads. It will be three albums at least for Mia this year as the New Estate album will be out on July 7.

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