Monday, June 09, 2008

i can haz life of turgid monotony? And pancake?

Cu-ute! Asha has a hardline routine these days. She hides in the back part of the house most of the time, of course, and does not even necessarily emerge from wherever it is she is cowering when Mia or I show up. Presumably she meditates in the way cats do (they seemingly find it easy to completely empty their minds). She sleeps most of the daytime and then in the evening when the dogs come in, she's hiding from the dogs. However like me the morning is her best time. She particularly likes being hand fed scraps eg bits of breakfast pancake as seen here (she won't eat this stuff off the floor for some reason). She also lists as her likes: climbing the curtains, grabbing things off the walls, and being bitten on the lower back by that shit Bela.


Bwca said...

She's a Russian Blue ?
I love cats, and I love the photo with the tongue hanging out.
Keep the treats up.

David said...

She's an aspirational russian blue, or maybe she's a genetic probability... one in a hundred or something. I imagine her attractive blue/grey appearance is the reason the people whose cat gave birth to her thought to offer her around.