Friday, June 06, 2008

must be the change

Everyone but me seems to be cold today. The heating is on at work (that is not the explanation) I went out and when I came back it was extremely hot in there, I felt like it was summer, even though I had the window open etc, which I have to do (there is no option to change it). I was walking near the colleges and two girls were talking to a boy and one of them said I have to go inside, I'm freezing and she had this preposterous low cut top on, though surprisingly she wasn't hugging her cleavage to indicate coldness, but her waist which was more properly clothed (unusually in youngsters but there you are). She may have been freezing but let's face it she just wanted to get away from a boring boy. But I thought that's girls these days, they'll tell silly obvious lies like I have to go in I'm freezing because it's obviously a lie so whatever, then they'll yell out too much information about gynecology. I don't know if you've noticed that.


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Tim said...

I'm told I have a hot body, not in an aesthetic sense, although of course I have that too, but rather that I radiate an abnormal amount of heat. I think this must be true because it has to get properly winter-cold for me to start bitching about it.