Sunday, June 08, 2008

my playlist from 3cr tonight

The Sand Pebbles: Future proofed
Sparks: When do i get to sing 'my way'

Guy Blackman: Carlton north
The Raspberries: Tonight

The Muddy Spurs: Point nepean
The Farmers Boys: Apparently...
Kevin Godley: To fly away
Roxy Music: Same old scene

Janet Jackson: Black cat
Wings: Goodnight tonight

Spectrum: Mumbles I wonder why
Shanks and Bigfoot: Sweet like chocolate

Stereolab: Captain Easychord
New York Gong: Jungle window
Lurid Yellow Mist: Let's kill god again

Alva: Kill everyone
Laura Jean: Love is going to lead us


cos said...

Hey, I actually managed to listen this time - nearly caught it all, too. Loved the Sand Pebbles track! and I don't think I've heard that Wings song since somewhere in my deep, dark childhood.


Dan E said...

"Goodnight Tonight" — lousy song, GREAT record!

The Raspberries rule, tho.

Al said...

Hey, I stole the list and put it on 22TV myspace.

nice work,

David said...

Look 'Goodnight Tonight' is a pretty good song, really. Not that this is saying much but it's infinity times better than 'Just Like Starting Over' by McCartney's old songwriting partner from roughly the same period.

Dan E said...

Well yes, you're right, I'd way rather hear "Goodnight Tonight" than that Lennon choon. Any day of the week, in fact.

It's just that when you play the latter on an acoustic guitar, and it sounds like a fully formed song that maybe actually means something, whereas a solo acoustic version of "GT" just sounds idiotic. But somehow, when combined with the slapdash production and utterly tweaked arrangement (disco Joe Meek, maybe?) of the record, it becomes something weirdly magical.

David said...

Dan, you obviously have too, too high an opinion of my guitar abilities. I think they would sound pretty much the same at my hands.

The record is Disco Joe Meek perhaps but also a bit Doctor Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, or Doctor Savannah's Original Buzzard Band, or whatever they were called, as well.