Monday, June 02, 2008


Our nephew Rohan and his mother Kerstin are in town for a few days. It is Rohan's birthday today (3) so we were lucky that we took him to the Aquarium yesterday as if we'd taken him today he would have cost sixteen dollars. The Aquarium is way cool, though it seems to have too many spiders and leeches - I mean it doesn't have that many, but considering it's an aquarium... you know. The sharks are the lure throughout, and these were what excited Rohan the most in prospect, in fact, a shark bit our noses that very morning in the living room. Yet the sharks were always just around the corner, and never quite there. Until we came across them. Mia thought they looked a bit gummy but Rohan and I were suitably impressed (some kind of guy thing). The stingrays were also fabulous as were the fish with human faces. I keep thinking they looked like someone but I can't quite place him. Perhaps you know him. After the aquarium we went along Southbank and saw a man on a unicycle with Yahoo Serious hair (where does hair grow on a unicycle? You're so naive) and a man pretending to be made of cement, also, an irish man who got some people to tie him up in a bag but his spiel went on for so long we had to leave.

Now it is the next day and I have been blowing up balloons for Rohan's birthday to the extent that I no longer really need to breathe. Did you know the lungfish is an ancient species with only one lung and in times of low water it can breathe air?


spades of said...

No I didn't know that!

ab said...

There is one type of fish that looks a lot like Edward G. Robinson.

David said...

Which came first?