Monday, August 27, 2007

what a wice surprise

Thou who knowst me knoweth my obsessions with Mildura's De Garis family and their extraordinary works, lives, deeds. Recently I collaborated on a paper given in Hobart on Lucas and Mary De Garis and their Credit Crusade. Part of this campaign for economic reform was the adoption of two forms of currency in exchange for the present one. One of these currencies was known as Wice, supposedly an old english word for money and also an acronym though I can't remember what for (work, income, cash, exchange? I don't know, but probably not, but that kind of thing). Anyway, imagine my surprise when I go into a Cheap as Chips in Mildura and what do I find? Yes.

There is an added strangeness to this, because on balance all things considered at the end of the day, Lucas De Garis probably was cwackers.

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Richard DeGaris said...

My name is Richard DeGaris from Adelaide. I was wondering which Lucas and Mary DeGaris you are refering to. Were they brother and sister? And children of Elisha Clement?
I would love to have any information you have, particularly the paper you refered to.