Monday, August 27, 2007

loxton centenary parade

Spent the weekend in north-west Victoria and middle-eastern South Australia (AKA 'Riverland') - all around the Murray. Loxton is dead on the Murray, a small and attractive city 100 km from Mildura. On Saturday it celebrated 100 years with a big parade (and some other things). Highlights are not captured here (highlights for smartarse city slickers was the semiclangers of the lively commentators, my favourite was the bit during the chronologically themed parade where they said, during a lull, 'and it's still the 1950s', which is of course the standard insult directed unto any little town, but hardly fair, so it was really just ironic but my real favourite bit was the guy with the furphy water tank on a trailer who was still circling the main drag an hour after the parade was over - funny!)

Anyway, the parade was teriffic and kudos to everyone. Though I'm sure the politics of such an event are fraught, I reckon there is a real community going on here.

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