Wednesday, August 08, 2007

making a difference

I have been digging a hole.

Mia dug most of it, fyi, and I have only recently begun paying attention to its form and function. When it is done she will put her studio in it. One might envisage a kind of Ciao Manhattan! kinda thing but no, not like that.

I am unused to physical exertion of any sort aside from furrowing of brow over difficult issues, so this has been a major trauma similar to the intellectuals' apres Cultural Revolution, a ghastly enterprise that I should not be joking about, except the joke is of course primarily against myself, fyi.

The neighbours have got involved by deciding to mow the fuck out of their lawn giving me a mower headache to add to the aches 'n' pains of muscles which never even knew they existed previously. Who would have thought digging would be so tuff. At least I get to do a lot of resting (and I get to wear my new King Gee overalls which were purchased *new* from a Dapto Salvos' and are from the 70s - I know because (1) they are made in Australia and (2) they had a guide for converting imperial to metric on the plastic they came in).


Psammead said...

any closer to China?

FJG said...

looks very professional

David said...

It would be a most unusual angle to get to China, which is on the same side of the world as Australia.

because she made me said...

there's obviously no hole in your heart then - I hear they don't care much for geography.

Do you need to get permission to dig holes these days, or are you a vigilante hole digger? Where might you strike next?

David said...

I don't need permission to do nothink.