Saturday, August 11, 2007

continuing my bastionisation of democracy etc

I will be filling in, as I sometimes do, for Alison on Two to the Valley tomorrow night at 11.30 or maybe it's 11 I can never remember.

(Later: Tracks were Blowfly - Professor Ratbaggy
Short and Sweet - Tony Hatch Orchestra
Disco Beat - Love Cuts Kill
Action - Popolice
Chelsea Kids - La Femme
Looking through the eyes of a beautiful girl - The Strangers
Attack hold release - On
Whirlpool - Some Velvet Sidewalk
I wanna be with you - Mi-sex
There is a plan - Human Six Billion
I Like 'Lectric Motors - Patrick D. Martin
Palm - Possum Moods
Jets - Machinations
Will you? - Sly Hats
Me Japanese Boy - Harper's Bizarre
Memory Lain, Hugh - Caravan
Stalkerbait - The Titanics
Hold Music - Architecture in Helsinki
It's Obvious - Au Pairs
Beggar's Farm - Jethro Tull
Living Dead Blues - Chris Smith)

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